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Mental Health is all Health

Less Stress is body-mind in communication

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Ease back and land into the body. Find your own connection between inner and outer spaces. Feel into your expression. Rest, while witnessing the Holiday spirit rising.

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We would be so grateful if in exchange you could leave your suggestions and topic requirements for our Mental Health Toolbox and Podcast. Link here.

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Less Stress is all in one solutions for negative stress effects and next level mental wellbeing that includes productivity, vitality and systemic integrity for companies, institutions and individuals. Our approach to care includes and integrates body, mind, spirit, social and collective aspects.

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Multi-Disciplinary Solution

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Customized Help to Fit All Needs

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Trauma-Informed Somatic Approach

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Mental Health Beyond Talk Therapies

Education plays a big part in Less Stress. We created Less Stress Podcast to have an opportunity in creating dialogues between health professionals, coaches, artists and scientists. We believe that best potential lies in bridging professions for close collaborations.

Our Team


Gabrielė Šabūnaitė & Živilė Virkutytė are the co-founders of Less Stress with experience in:

10+ years in international organizational

management and entrepreneurship.

5+ years in wellness & mental health,

trauma, somatic therapy,

16+ years in yoga

9+ years in sustainability and peacebuilding,

risk management

Maria Bobrova has experience as a Lead Developer of an Information Management System for a Norwegian NGO NIS-Foundation. She has designed, prototyped, implemented, and coordinated two assisting developers in bringing the IMS to life. She is taking care of all maintenance and further development for the custom IMS.

Our Board of Professionals


Genocide Anthropologist



They Support Us

What Our Clients Say

The experience left me with a feeling of being connected and supported while at the same time feeling supportive myself. The facilitators did a great job of tuning into the diverse needs of participants and guiding them through the experience.

Tabea Glahs

I can not define any least resonating part of the workshop. Introduction, energizers, theoretical and practical part of bodymind exercises, as well as closure were well planned and placed.

Workshop Participant

Thank you for your presence, care and attention. Growing somatic awareness helps to build the foundation of my self-agency.

1:1 Session Client

The part where we had an occasion to work bodily and mindfully in pairs was the one that resonated with me the most. I feel blessed to find you guys. Circling part and holding this common and safe space for later on was very important to me. I really appreciated the pace and workshop flow, which was perfect in its intensity. Clarifications and guidance of facilitators were well tailored and gentle.

Workshop Participant

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1170 Oslo, Norway

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Monday to Friday

9:oo am to 6:00 pm


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